Facebook Tutorial for Beginners

facebook tutorial

Facebook Tutorial for Beginners


This guide is offered at www.infinityguides.com

Learn at your own pace and watch the guide as many times as you would like. You will get full access to ALL our Facebook guides and by the time you are done, you will be a pro at using Facebook.

Here is the breakdown of the complete tutorial:

Part 1: Intro and Navigation

  • Signing up and Getting Started
  • Basic Profile Setup
  • Facebook Layout and Browsing
  • Using the Top Bar and News Feed
  • Basic Navigation including viewing pictures, posts, and status updates.

Part 2: Your Facebook Profile

  • How your Profile works and updating it
  • Adding Photos and Videos to your profile
  • Finding and Adding Facebook Friends
  • Managing your “Timeline”
  • Posting Status Updates
  • Sharing Posts on your Profile

Part 3: Browsing Facebook

  • Viewing Friends’ Profiles
  • Messaging and Chatting with Friends
  • Creating and Joining Events with Friends
  • Creating and Visiting Facebook Pages
  • Creating and Joining Groups with Friends

Part 4: More Facebook Features

  • Learning about Facebook Privacy
  • Changing your Privacy Settings
  • Protecting yourself on Facebook
  • Language and other General Settings
  • Managing and using Facebook Apps
  • Trending News and Account Management
  • Tips, Tricks, and Much More

Watch this tutorial at https://www.infinityguides.com/facebook.html