Amazon Fire Tablet Beginner’s Guide for Dummies, Beginners, & Seniors

The Amazon Fire tablet, commonly referred to as the Kindle Fire or Fire HD, is an amazing tablet that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the tech world. Our favorite feature of the Fire HD is its integration with the entire Amazon universe. With the Fire, you can access Amazon’s entire library of movies, TV shows, books, and of course online shopping.

Using the Fire tablet is unlike using any other type of smart device. The Fire has its own layout with a unique navigation system. Not only this, but the Fire tablet is highly integrated with your Amazon account, which is required in order to use the device. Given this, we recommend that anyone who gets a Fire tablet becomes well-versed in using their Amazon account, so that they can take full advantage of all the Fire has to offer.

We have checked out the best how-to guides on how to use the Fire tablet, both online and in-store, and have determined which is the best guide to use to get you started using your Fire tablet.

The Best: Fire HD Manual for Beginners by Joe Malacina

The Fire HD Manual for Beginners book, by Joe Malacina

This book is really the complete resource for using any Fire tablet, and covers just about everything we were looking for. Our favorite part is that the author explains everything in with simple terms and concise language, so a complete newbie could pick up this book and understand it easily. We also like that the book has color illustrations, showing exactly what your Fire’s screen will look like for each function and aspect it demonstrates. Moreover, the book has a few chapters with excellent recommendations for apps and Amazon services. Lastly, there is a tips and tricks chapter at the end that even taught us some new things (and we are experts!).

All in all, this book is the complete guide for using the Fire tablet (it’s literal description on the front cover).

The book is available online at and, and is also available in select bookstores in the United States, Canada, and Australia. We have reached out to the author for an interview request and that request is still pending.

Click here to order this book on

Click here to order this book on (Use discount code ‘SAVE’ at checkout to save 10%, thank you to an Infinity Guides’ rep who reached out to us after we published this article).